Crack the high score and boost safety!

Put on your VR goggles! DB Schenker plans to speed up the training of forklift drivers and improve safety by means of an innovative system. Video: DB Schenker

In the Netherlands, DB Schenker will be training forklift drivers with the aid of a new virtual reality (VR) system for the first time. The application is intended to speed up training and improve safety in the warehouse at the same time. Developed jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, the system will start out as a pilot project at DB Schenker’s warehouse in Tilburg this summer.


The system consists of a replica of the control unit of a forklift truck and VR goggles that let the trainee view an accurate three-dimensional representation of a warehouse. In this virtual environment, the trainee is able to practice typical storage and retrieval processes. The system is also capable of simulating dangerous situations, such as people suddenly running in front of the truck, prompting the trainee to react.


To boost motivation, the training includes a number of playful elements that go under the keyword “gamification.” Solving certain tasks will be rewarded by scoring points, and there are high scores to be cracked. Once the pilot phase has been completed and evaluated, there are plans to develop the VR system further before introducing it at DB Schenker locations worldwide.


Want to experience the system first hand? Then visit DB Schenker at the global industry trade fair “transport logistic” in Munich (June 4 to 7).