In Short

Overcoming obstacles

Tremendous effort, huge crowds: some 30,000 athletes, including numerous DB Schenker employees, are competing in the “Toughest 2018” obstacle race being held in Sweden and Denmark

Video: DB Schenker

An eight-kilometer obstacle course and a field totaling some 30,000 competitors: the “Toughest” is Scandinavia’s biggest series of obstacle races. This year the race is being held in Stockholm, in three other Swedish cities as well as in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, between the months of May and September. DB Schenker is playing a dual role at this major sporting event, with some 150 employees actively tackling obstacles, dirt and mud while competing in at least one of the five races – and also as a logistics partner.


The athletes are not the only ones required to prove their endurance. The same goes for DB Schenker, too. For example, when transporting more than 40 obstacles from one sporting venue to the next. All in all, the task involves a freight volume of more than 50 metric tons. The “Toughest” race requires a good strategy: competitors need to pace themselves, and the logistics service provider needs excellent management skills, for example, when handling the “Bag Drop” on behalf of the organizers, who have tasked DB Schenker with storage and safekeeping of the athletes’ bags during the competition. On average, some 6,000 competitors benefit from this service at every event. It gives them the peace of mind that following the race, they can slip back into their own clean clothes.