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Real teamwork

... people are employed at DB Schenker – and their numbers are rising. That means: more power to the customers!

DB Schenker’s global team of logistics experts continues to grow: as of the balance sheet date of June 30 this year, the company’s workforce at around 2,000 locations around the world stood at exactly 74,104 members of staff (FTE = full time equivalent) working on behalf of the customers – 4,734 more than in the previous year. Measured in “natural persons,” the total number of staff reached almost 77,000. The two lines of business with the largest number of employees were contract logistics and land transport, with teams numbering a total of 22,864 and 21,700 full time equivalents respectively.


The increased employee numbers were primarily caused by the positive performance in transport volume, with air freight accounting for the highest rises. In the first half of this year, this business division handled exports with a total tonnage of almost 650,000 metric tons – well over 36,000 more than in the previous year.

Whether it is here in a logistics center or in handling transports: the workforce at DB Schenker has continued to grow in the first half of 2018

Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Michael Neuhaus