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Global ranking

... countries are ranked in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2018. Topping these rankings is Germany

What are the general conditions around the world that make for efficient logistics? How logistics-friendly are the individual countries? These are the questions asked in a survey conducted by the World Bank every two years – this year including 160 countries on all continents. The survey data is then used by the organization to calculate the “Logistics Performance Index” (LPI). The results for 2018 are in, and the global leader is DB Schenker’s home market Germany, ahead of Sweden, Belgium and Austria. Ranked fifth – the highest-ranking country outside Europe – is Japan, having moved up seven places since the previous year.


Other countries whose logistics performance has developed positively according to the World Bank are Denmark, the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. Six factors are taken into account in this assessment. They include the efficiency of customs and border management clearance processes, the quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure, and also the competence and quality of the logistics services offered by the providers in the respective countries. The World Bank collects this data through a worldwide survey of logistics professionals.


Want to learn more? The full results are available here.

Very good general conditions: in the Logistics Performance Index 2018, Germany came out on top – not least thanks to infrastructure measures like the digital test field on the A9 motorway, which DB Schenker, MAN and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences are using for their joint platooning project

Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / MAN / Wolfgang Groeger-Meier