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... is the number of Veikkaus stores. Just recently, Finlands national gaming company chose DB Schenker as its official logistics service provider

Finland might only have a population of 5.5 million – but obviously they have all been bitten by the gambling bug and avidly fill out lottery cards and betting slips. As a result, the national gaming company, Veikkaus, serves an impressive 7,000 branches. Just recently, the company chose DB Schenker as its official logistics service provider. The comprehensive contract signed by the two companies guarantees delivery to all of the country’s Veikkaus stores within 24 hours. The annual delivery volume amounts to some 230,000 packages – split up into around 160,000 shipments.


Aside from transport, DB Schenker’s solution also includes comprehensive warehousing services. The mainstay of this service is a logistics center near Helsinki. This 20,000-square-meter facility is where the warehousing activities from two of Veikkaus’ locations are being consolidated, a solution that convinced the gaming company to reinforce the cooperation that has existed since 1995. It is from this warehouse that DB Schenker also provides its customer with Value-Added Services like a dispatch department for lottery tickets as well as labeling, palletising and campaign packing.

Good luck! Finland’s national lottery agency, Veikkaus, has raised its cooperation with DB Schenker to a new level

Photo: Veikkaus

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