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Art treasures on tour

... artefacts from Indonesia were transported safely by DB Schenker to the Europalia Arts Festival in Belgium – and back again

Intricate carvings and delicate materials of inestimable value: the miniature house measuring 1.40 meters in length by an unknown artist from the island of Sumatra must rate among the more unusual pieces of art transported by DB Schenker in recent years. The company’s art and airfreight specialists joined forces to ensure that this fragile exhibit from the collection of the National Museum of Indonesia reached its destination at the Europalia Arts Festival in Brussels safely and securely – and was delivered back to its “home” in one piece following the close of the biannual festival.


In total, DB Schenker was responsible for the transport of 355 artefacts from two Indonesian museums to the art and culture festival. The arts biennale has been celebrated regularly in the Belgian capital since 1969, each time focusing on a different guest country. The art treasures, not all of which are as small-scale as the miniature house, weighed in at an impressive 42 metric tons. They were loaded onto 112 pallets, which were flown from Southeast Asia to Europe and back in a Boeing 747F.

Fragile cultural ambassador: along with more than 350 other works of art from Indonesia, this miniature house made of wood, bamboo and rattan was safely transported to Belgium and back

Photo: Arkadius 2017 / Europalia

Magic Figure


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