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Intelligent glove

DB Schenker is improving the efficiency of its warehouse processes by introducing an intelligent scanning glove. The ProGlove, which is scheduled to be deployed in order picking at an automotive logistics center in Eching near the Germany city of Munich, features a scanning unit attached to the back of the glove. It is activated when the user clenches his fist. The employee no longer has to reach for the scanner, leaving both hands free at all times. This translates into time savings of up to 40 percent.


Following the scanning process, the wearable gives the user feedback in the form of a visual, acoustic or haptic signal. The application of this intelligent solution will benefit a leading German car manufacturer, who is supplied with automotive parts by the team at the DB Schenker warehouse. The ProGlove, which was successfully tested prior to its implementation in Eching, is to be introduced at other logistics centers in the very near future.

Clench your fist and scan: the ProGlove makes order picking much faster

Video: DB Schenker; Photo: ProGlove