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Zero emissions

Nimble, quiet and clean: Schenker Norway provides customers in Bergen with zero-emission deliveries
using the Velove Armadillo

Photo: Velove

In recent weeks, an “Armadillo” has been on the move in the streets of the Norwegian port city of Bergen. At least that is what the manufacturer, Velove, calls its electrically powered cargo bike – which DB Schenker now uses to deliver goods. The four-wheel, fully suspended semi-trailer can carry loads of up to 300 kilograms. The electric engine assists normal pedal operations and allows for a range of around 80 kilometers. As a result, the Armadillo has enough power to cover a typical day’s work on the streets of Bergen without needing to be recharged in between.


The project was realized in cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, “Statens vegvesen.” As the Armadillo is registered as a normal bicycle, it has the advantage of being able to travel to places that an electrically driven small transporter is not permitted or able to enter: at a width of only 86 centimeters, the Armadillo can even navigate the alleyways of Bergen’s historic Bryggen district, which is too narrow for automobiles. And what’s more, it fits on bike paths without getting in the way of other cyclists.


This makes the cargo bike – you can read a blog article from the Swedish manufacturer’s website here – a viable alternative to conventional transport vehicles. Lars Sveen, Head of Collection and Distribution at DB Schenker Norway, says: “This year, Bergen could become the first city in Norway to receive zero-emission deliveries from us, perhaps even the first city in all of Europe.” Starting in the summer, DB Schenker plans to put three more cargo bikes into operation in the capital Oslo.