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Getting it done with just a few clicks: with Connect 4 Land, DB Schenker is making it easier than ever for customers to book shipments within the European system freight network

Photo/Video: DB Schenker

Connect 4 Land is the name of DB Schenker’s new digital booking platform for system freight services. The new solution allows customers to book door-to-door shipments via their computer or smartphone with just a few clicks. Users have full transparency regarding pricing and transport times, as well as the option to track their shipments.


The platform, designed also to cater for small and medium-sized customers, is already available in Germany and Spain. It will be launched in additional European countries by the end of this year. By 2019 it should be available in all the markets covered by DB Schenker’s continental land transport network. And what’s more, as part of the DB Schenker Connect 4.0 initiative, the related solutions Connect 4 Ocean and Connect 4 Air are soon to follow.


“By launching Connect 4 Land, we are taking another important step towards a digital future and are equipping our company for long-term success,” said Jochen Thewes, the CEO of Schenker AG. “Direct and personal communication with our customers will of course remain an important aspect of our core business. However, the new digital booking interface will make it easy for small and medium-sized customers in particular to use DB Schenker’s professional services.”


Click here for more information as well as video clips on Connect 4 Land!