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Logistics for an XXL travel group

Relaxed pilgrims thanks to well-planned logistics: 761 pupils and 119 teachers traveled by train to visit the Pope in Rome – DB Schenker transported all their luggage and further equipment by truck

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An outstanding logistics concept developed by DB Schenker has made it possible for an entire school in Germany to realize their dream of going on a pilgrimage to Rome and meeting the Pope. The 761 pupils and 119 teachers from the Collegium Augustinianum Gaesdonck in North Rhine–Westphalia traveled to the Italian capital by train. Given that they had to change trains along the more than 1,500-kilometer journey, this was only going to work if the pilgrims’ luggage was moved separately – and that was the role played by DB Schenker.


The logistics services provider transported over 13 tons of material – including not only suitcases and travel bags but also the instruments of the school orchestra – by truck directly from the school on the Lower Rhine via the Alps to Rome. To ensure they would arrive ahead of the travel party, two drivers took turns at the wheel. In Rome the cargo was distributed across eight hotels, where the pupils and teachers had booked their accommodation. After a one-week stay in the Eternal City, DB Schenker handled the transport back home equally smoothly.