Logistics heroes

Five bar: the refueling system on Jens Strippelmann’s tanker truck at Frankfurt Airport pumps kerosene into the Boeing 777F at high pressure

Photo: Sebastian Vollmert

They are responsible for ensuring that the worldwide flow of goods never dries up – logistics heroes like Jens Strippelmann. It is his job to refuel the massive jets with kerosene at Frankfurt Airport, where DB Schenker has its European air cargo hub. With decades of experience under his belt, every move has become second nature to him. Here he can be seen working on a Boeing 777F. In his hand, Strippelmann holds the deadman switch. If he lets go of the grey-blue control valve, the fuel flow automatically shuts off – safety is paramount at service providers like Frankfurt Jet Services (FJS), where he works.


That also goes for the tempo at which Jens Strippelmann is permitted to drive his fuel truck across the roadways to the apron, where the aircraft are parked at Frankfurt Airport: 30 kilometers per hour is the maximum speed limit. And to ensure he and his colleagues stick to it, the airport has radar controls and its own points system. The rules apply – even to logistics heroes!