Magic Figure

... time access is permitted by the digital locks that DB Schenker is deploying as part of a pilot project – then they get reprogrammed

Logistics staff often face the problem of not being able to deliver a shipment because the recipient is not on site and there is nowhere for the shipment to be deposited safely. Now DB Schenker is trialing a clever solution developed by the Swedish start-up Qlocx (Swedish) in a pilot project for delivering parcels to construction sites. The solution consists of a digital lock that can be used to lock a container, for example, and a smartphone app. The digital key that is needed to open the lock is sent to the smartphone carried by the delivery personnel.


Communication between the digital lock and the mobile app is via Bluetooth. As soon as the delivery person, usually a truck driver, has placed the consignment inside the container and locked it again, the key expires – and it is then reprogrammed and ready for the next delivery. The recipient is notified of the completed delivery via SMS at the same time. Since it was first launched in the spring of 2018, the pilot project has been constantly expanded. In addition to Qlocx, the project involves the tools manufacturer and DB Schenker customer Hilti and the construction company Skanska.

Open container! The digital lock from Qlocx and used by DB Schenker in Sweden makes for efficient parcel deliveries to construction sites. Photo: Qlocx