In Short

Through the desert

Cult car: in France, the Renault 4 even has its own rallye. DB Schenker supported one of the teams – together with the French Festival de Poupet, a music event also sponsored by the logistics company

Photos: Poupet Car / DB Schenker

DB Schenker France got in on the action as a sponsor at an unusual rallye that was held recently: the “4L Trophy” is a race in which students drive a Renault 4, known in France as a “4L,” from Biarritz on the Atlantic coast to Marrakesh in Morocco. This year saw 1,500 teams compete in the 6,000-kilometer rallye, large parts of which lead through the North African desert. One of the teams was made up of the young communications specialists Hugo Meyer and Tanguy Hamon – whose yellow Renault was adorned with the DB Schenker label.


“It was a wonderful experience! We enjoyed driving a French 1987 car through the desert and didn’t encounter a single problem with our vehicle along the way,” the two adventurers said after crossing the finishing line. Hugo and Tanguy were not only sponsored by a logistics service provider, they also served as logisticians themselves, as did all the other competitors: a major objective of the “4L Trophy” concept is for the rallye drivers to use their vehicles to transport relief aid, primarily school supplies and medical equipment, to people in need in Morocco.