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More space for logistics

Intensified partnership – DB Schenker and Mitsubishi Electric Europe, who have cooperated since 2008, just recently decided to build a new 38,000-square meter logistics center in the French town of Mer. Photo: DB Schenker

Together with its customer, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, DB Schenker is building a 38,000-square meter warehouse in France. The first stage in the construction of the logistics center in the town of Mer in central France, with a floor space of 13,000 square meters, is scheduled to be ready for use by the end of this year. The remaining 25,000 square meters are to be completed by the middle of next year – and will then also be available for use by other customers.


DB Schenker has been operating a warehouse in Mer on behalf of Mitsubishi Electric Europe since 2008. Goods produced by the corporation in its home country of Japan, as well as in Thailand, Turkey and Scotland, arrive here, and DB Schenker then handles distribution, mainly to destinations throughout France.


However, as a result of enormous recent growth in business, the 24,000-square meter facility has reached the limits of its capacity. Some of the incoming goods are therefore handled in an additional warehouse at present. Once the first stage of the new logistics center has been completed, this additional facility will no longer be needed.