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Next level of smart aftermarket logistics

Creating global links: the new “Logistics Orchestrator” is designed to further improve the spare parts provision for customers in the industrial and aerospace sectors

Animation: DB Schenker

DB Schenker is revolutionizing the supply of spare parts in the industrial and aerospace sectors with a digital solution tailored specifically to the aftermarket business: The “Logistics Orchestrator” allows the centralized management of all spare parts orders within a global distribution network. This marks the termination of distribution networks at the regional or local level, which have been commonplace in these sectors so far – thus also bringing to an end the scattered business responsibilities that are very often associated with them.


Thanks to this innovative software, DB Schenker enables globally streamlined supply chains with an increased availability of spare parts, reduced stocks and shorter delivery times to end customers. This subsequently leads to cuts in logistics costs by up to 30 percent. The “Logistics Orchestrator” is available to customers worldwide with immediate effect.

Video: DB Schenker
Video: DB Schenker

Before this cloud-based solution actually goes “live” at a customer’s business, DB Schenker, together with the customer, defines all relevant processes. As a result, the “Logistics Orchestrator” is configured in such a way as to precisely match the customer’s specific needs, enabling orders to be managed automatically.


“Our aim was to develop a solution that would help our customers manage their supply chains, optimize inventories and significantly reduce logistics costs,” said Markus Sontheimer, CIO/CDO at Schenker AG. “I believe that the ‘Logistics Orchestrator’ is a great success in this regard.”



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