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Airfreight travels in comfort

...degrees Celsius is the temperature to which the cargo hold of a Boeing 777F can be heated

Whether it is freshly cut flowers or pharmaceutical products, many airfreight consignments require controlled temperatures during transport. So it is just as well that as far as heating and cooling solutions are concerned, the highly efficient airlines used by DB Schenker operate freighters that offer the utmost in comfort!


Depending on the consigned airfreight, a Boeing 777F is equipped with cargo holds that can be set to six different temperature levels. These range from 4 degrees up to 31 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in the fore and aft areas on the main deck can even be individually adjusted. The MD-11F, which is still the backbone of many an airline’s cargo fleet, has five selectable temperature zones.

Cool it! The cargo holds on jets like the Boeing “Triple Seven” can be set to conform to various temperature ranges

Photo: Stefan Wildhirt

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