The automotive sector can heighten our awareness: logistics experts must increasingly look beyond their core business

Photo: Max Lautenschläger
Photo: Max Lautenschläger

Dear readers, now more than ever, logistics specialists would be well advised to take a closer look at one of their key industries, the automotive sector. Their focus should be on the changes being implemented by an increasing number of vendors who are evolving from being mere automakers to becoming mobility services providers. The recent acquisition of the traffic and transport modeling specialist PTV Group by Porsche serves as a case in point. This acquisition enables the Stuttgart-based automaker to drive forward solutions designed to optimize the flow of people and goods.


It is a far-sighted decision, and one that is easily transferable to our industry – and not only because in this case there are direct links to the logistics sector. To achieve long-term profitability, companies must develop new services that go beyond their core business. And they must do so with vigor and, if it proves expedient, with the support of partners. That is the only way they can successfully set themselves apart from their competitors. Limiting themselves to merely providing traditional transport models, as excellent as they might be, will no longer suffice in the future.


This requires a lot of work – and it is something we at DB Schenker have already successfully accomplished in many quarters! One example is highlighted in this edition of “logistics NewsFeed”: the “netlivery” product that provides small and medium-sized companies with fast entry and convenient access to the e-commerce business. It goes without saying that conventional services such as transport and warehousing remain principal components of the netlivery package – both of which are consistent with recent developments in the key industry automotive. After all, the new mobility service providers still continue to manufacture automobiles.


Kind regards,

Jochen Thewes 

Chairman of the Board of Management at Schenker AG