Jochen Thewes

Why do we live diversity? Because it provides the environment for finding the best solutions!

Photo: Max Lautenschläger

Dear readers, what does diversity mean to you? That is the key question a film crew working on the recently launched campaign “Diversity @ DBSchenker” put to a number of our colleagues. The answers they received varied greatly. This is hardly surprising – after all, the people working with us come from a wide range of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and also from the most diverse age groups. And what’s more, this is true not only when we look

at our entire workforce of almost 80,000 employees worldwide, but also at the many business units in the various locations. Diversity is about “being unique but equal,” as someone said in one of the responses shown in the short video clips you can watch here.


And yet there was one central point on which the respondents were unanimous: Diversity may sometimes pose challenges, which is certainly the case when it comes to equal opportunities between the sexes. More than anything, however, it holds enormous potential! Because teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds tend to have “a broader horizon,” as one of the contributing colleagues pointed out. And this gives them a definite edge when it comes to generating ideas and strategies and then, based on these, developing solutions.


This is precisely what the team of an integrated logistics service provider must produce time and again: smart, innovative solutions that will meet individual customers’ requirements – and these in themselves are of course as diverse as we can possibly imagine. And so I am only too happy to close by endorsing another key comment made by a colleague: “Diversity is a means of achieving the best result. And that’s what we want at DB Schenker!”

Kind regards,

Jochen Thewes 

Chairman of the Board of Management at Schenker AG