Jochen Thewes

Out of the box or customized? DB Schenker’s customers can have the best of both worlds!

Photo: Max Lautenschläger

Dear readers, the task of providing our customers with services that help them succeed is our highest priority here at DB. Yet what this commitment stands for, and which solution turns out to be the perfect one, is something that needs to be constantly re-evaluated – not only in terms of individual customers but also on a case-by-case basis. 


One case will call for a highly customized and carefully prepared solution;

another will be best served with the exact opposite: a quick to implement out-of-the-box solution will produce the decisive added value. DB Schenker has both the network and the know-how to provide the service that will make the difference for either of these cases – as well as for the many shades of gray that lie between these two extremes. And not only in the conventional transport business, but increasingly also in cases that extend far beyond it.


A recent example of a smart out-of-the-box solution that can be reproduced at any time: the software that we are making available as part of a new strategic cooperation with Magento, a leading provider of e-commerce platforms. It offers quick support to many webshop operators, especially medium-sized and small ones. A contrasting example is the truly unique, yet highly challenging and sophisticated transport solution we recently developed for an individual customer – Airbus in this case. You can find out more about both these examples in this issue.


Kind regards,

Jochen Thewes 

Chairman of the Board of Management at Schenker AG