Jochen Thewes

Singles’ Day has shown to what extent e-commerce redefines the consumer business worldwide. We do keep up!

Photo: Max Lautenschläger

Dear readers, Christmas time is delivery time! Every year in December, online shoppers are pushing e-commerce logistics towards new limits. Still, today, I want to direct your attention towards an even larger event: Singles’ Day. Just a few years ago, November 11 was a day like any other. Today this date has become the annual Singles’ Day, the biggest online shopping spectacle in the world. It is driven primarily by the

discounts offered by retailers especially in China, where the event originated. And where the two largest online trading platforms alone recorded total sales of nearly 65 billion U.S. dollars on this year’s Singles’ Day. The story of how extensively DB Schenker supported a number of its customers in connection with this spectacle is told here.


Singles’ Day is also gaining in importance in other key markets, including in Germany and the United States. From the U. S., in turn, we have witnessed Cyber Monday – the Monday after Thanksgiving at the end of November or beginning of December – as an opportunity for web shoppers to find bargains with growing popularity within just a few short years. These are just two examples that demonstrate how fundamentally and how quickly the consumer business is changing worldwide, and will certainly continue to change as a result of the ongoing e-commerce boom.


Our task is to closely monitor this change and then, on the basis of our observations, to develop the appropriate services for our customers of all sizes. To come back to the example of Singles’ Day: DB Schenker’s e-commerce experts were starting to keep a close eye on the event at a time when it had no relevance outside China, and long before it reached today’s magnitude even in that country. You can rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to also get involved in the next e-commerce spectacle right from the start – no matter from which continent it will emerge!


With this commitment to you, our customers, I want to thank you for your attention for the “logistics NewsFeed” throughout 2019. I wish everyone a happy holiday season, merry Christmas and a tremendous new year.


Kind regards,

Jochen Thewes 

Chairman of the Board of Management at Schenker AG