“Passionate about what we do”

Developing digital solutions is indispensable for DB Schenker as a leading global logistics provider. One location where this takes place is the Technology Solution Center (TSC) Warsaw. “logistics NewsFeed” interviewed its director, Przemysław Głębocki

Przemysław Głębocki (46) has been working for TSC Warsaw from day one. His educational background is based on technical physics and applied mathematics. He has been part of the logistics business for 23 years now. Photo: DB Schenker

Mr. Głębocki, in a nutshell, what is the Technology Solution Center (TSC) Warsaw all about?

We are a team of experts, creating and delivering top quality digital solutions for the needs of both DB Schenker’s organization and its customers. We operate within the company’s global IT structure. This structure also includes another global IT delivery hub in Nanjing in China which is comparable to ours. And there are dedicated IT teams in Delhi in India and at the headquarters in the German city of Essen. My personal ambition for TSC Warsaw is to serve as an inspiring value generator for the company and its

customers, and for the center to be a great place to work and develop for people.


What kind of solutions are being developed at the TSC?

Customers use the solutions that are developed, produced or maintained here, in some cases together with the other facilities, on a daily basis. They allow the users to work and collaborate online with DB Schenker and get transparent information such as pricing quickly and easily. One of these solutions is the eSchenker platform that is marketed worldwide. Another is Connect 4.0, which was partially developed and is now further developed and maintained by TSC Warsaw. Right now, we are also involved in the development of a new visibility solution that is set to be rolled out in the course of this year.


How does DB Schenker’s organization benefit?

You can see this in another example that was created with the participation of the TSC Warsaw: Connect 2 Drive is a mobile application that lets drivers working for DB Schenker plan and execute their itineraries more efficiently. The following applies in principle: we know the specifics of DB Schenker’s business, and we are networked with various partners and stakeholders. This enables us to provide timely solutions that make a real difference. These solutions subsequently also benefit our customers. Last but not least: the force and motivation behind our inception and everything we do was and is DB Schenker’s global IT strategy.


What were the factors in favor of Warsaw as the chosen location?

We inherited a lot from DB Schenker’s existing culture and attitude in Poland. Components such as the Polish organization’s lean management approach, its profound knowledge of customer processes and logistics business expertise in particular for land transportation, became part of the DNA of the new organization. Warsaw was the right location because of the high standard of IT education overall, and because many IT universities provide high-level graduates. Another key driver was the time zone we operate in. In addition to the centers that already existed in the Asia Pacific region, whose business model and good practices we adopted, DB Schenker needed a center in Europe that focuses on European clients, especially for the 24/7 support that is delivered in accordance with the “follow the sun” concept.

Diversity is key! TSC Warsaw’s team consists of people with a diverse range of qualifications, age groups and nationalities. Director Przemysław Głębocki is convinced that this promotes a culture that will be able to cope with the high complexity created by Internet phenomena. Photos: DB Schenker

The fact that there are only a few solution centers around the globe might lead some people to argue that this contradicts the approach that logistics providers should be as close to their customers as possible …

And this is true! Solutions should be offered as closely as possible. Which is what DB Schenker does! Because apart from our global IT delivery hubs, in many places we also have local IT personnel and resources that support both the sales teams and the customers on a daily basis. And they, in turn, stand to benefit from global and cross-continental experience.


What is the educational background of your team?

They are experienced IT specialists: software developers, programmers, test analysts, test automation engineers, application support specialists, service managers, service desk agents, project managers – you get it: the full portfolio of IT professions. Yet above all we are passionate about what we do. This is the key factor in the profile we use in our recruiting.


Where do these people come from, and how big is your team?

Most are from Poland, but we also have a lot of people from all over the world: Brazil, India, Italy, Egypt, Sweden ... All in all, our employees represent 15 nationalities and speak in 25 languages. The average age is 33. We started out in September 2017 with around 25 people coming from IT structures from DB Schenker in Poland. By March 2018 our team had grown to 100 employees. In July 2019 we celebrated our 200th employee. And we want to continue to grow: the plan is to have 300 people on board in 2020.

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