“The market was waiting for this”

The Collection Point network developed by DB Schenker in Finland is a parcel service tailor-made for the requirements associated with the e-commerce boom. Antti Jarva, Head of the Helsinki Branch and Parcel Finland, talks about the expanding solution from which he even benefits himself

As Head of Branch Helsinki and Parcel Finland, Antti Jarva is in charge of the Collection Point network. The manager says: “We are ready for the next level!” Photo: DB Schenker
As Head of Branch Helsinki and Parcel Finland, Antti Jarva is in charge of the Collection Point network. The manager says: “We are ready for the next level!” Photo: DB Schenker

Mr. Jarva, how far is it from your home to the nearest Collection Point within DB Schenker’s growing network?

It’s R-kioski, 500 meters from my house. The store is part of a chain of more than 600 kiosks, of which 480 now host a Collection Point. The basic idea behind the product: e-commerce customers arrange for their order to be shipped via our strong land-based transport network to a location within Finland where it is convenient for them to pick it up: somewhere near their home, near the summer cottage, near the workplace. R-kioski is a brilliant partner for us because their kiosks are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm, and everybody knows this chain. Through our most recent cooperation with Kesko Oyj and their K food stores, our network is currently being expanded by a further 500 plus stores. The total number of Collection Points will be around 1,100 by mid-2018.

Imagine you’re ordering an item online. How does the process work?

When I do my e-shopping, I select the Collection Point where I want to pick up my shipment. Usually online purchases are paid for in advance. After the transaction is completed, the web shop’s e-commerce system sends an order to the process, which ends up with the DB Schenker delivery to the selected Collection Point. The customer can track the shipment using the eSchenker application. Once the goods have arrived, the system sends an SMS to the customer. He will receive a reminder after seven days, and the delivery will be returned if it has not been picked within 14 days. It is very common that e-commerce users return products. We handle these return shipments as well.


What kind of shipments is the network designed for?

In the first stage, we are focusing on business-to-consumer shipments. But there is also an option for the business-to-business market, where we deliver spare parts, for example. We can ship virtually anything you can buy via web-shopping platforms. The maximum limits for single shipments are 20 kilograms in weight, and two meters in length. Our next step will be parcels from consumer to consumer, for which we will provide a special product in the near future.


In addition to the two major chains, you also work with a number of smaller, independent businesses. Do all these partners cover the whole of Finland?

Kesko and R-kioski are nationwide operators. But we still need some additional Collection Points in some less-populated areas. For this reason, we developed the eSchenker Android app further together with DB Schenker’s Global IT team. By utilizing this mobile app, small local businesses such as hairdressers, florists or repair centers can also act as Collection Points for us. The app acts as a substitute for the kind of complex IT integrations with cash register systems that we implemented in the case of Kesko and R-kioski.


In which way do the companies benefit from being part of the network?

R-kioski and Kesko Oyj want to offer their customers all kinds of services, and this is an additional way for them to attract new potential customers to their shops. And of course smaller businesses can attract new customers with this additional service as well.


How come DB Schenker Finland has such vast experience in handling parcels?

DB Schenker has been a reliable name in the parcel delivery business in Finland for many years and we all believe that our Collection Point network is something the market was waiting for. We have a brilliant domestic terminal network with state-of-the-art sorting machines and a high-frequency domestic and international line haul network. We have also paid special attention to distribution in order to meet our customers’ requirements. Especially DB Schenker’s scheduled European-wide line haul network distinguishes us from our local competitors. We are ready for the next level!


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DB Schenker has been a permanent fixture in the parcel delivery business in Finland for a long time now. With facilities like the “Terminal of the Future” in the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area, they have a state-of-the-art infrastructure in place

Photo: Matthias Aletsee



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