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Cooperation for digitization in the “Innovation Lab”

“Improve logistics around the world”: DB Schenker and Cisco have teamed up to develop, test and commercialize new applications

Photos: Cisco / DB Schenker

Robotics and automation, augmented reality, sensor-based solutions: a wealth of new technologies, some of which fall under the heading the “Internet of Things,” is revolutionizing the digitization of the logistics sector. In an effort to drive this development forward, DB Schenker and Cisco have teamed up in a joint “Innovation Lab” in the US city of Houston, Texas. This endeavor is motivated by the conviction that the changes in transportation, warehousing, customs and last mile delivery being fueled by digitization are pervasive and already altering the way both companies do business worldwide.


Based in a Cisco warehouse, the “Innovation Lab” allows the worldwide leader in networking for the internet and its partner, DB Schenker, to develop, test and commercialize applications in a real-life environment, thus further improving the efficiency of logistics processes. Real-time location systems, video analytics and facial recognition technologies also play a major role. All applications are closely examined for their technical feasibility as well as their value proposition.


“We’re excited about working with the best companies in the world, like DB Schenker, to truly change the way we move and store goods globally. These kinds of collaborations will allow us to dramatically improve the way we do logistics and, we hope, will allow us to improve logistics around the world,” said Jack Allen, Senior Director of Cisco Global Logistics.


Tom Schmitt, CCO and board member for Contract Logistics at DB Schenker: “We’re thrilled at the collaboration between DB Schenker and Cisco on the Internet of Things and digitization for logistics. We have developed many technologies together that we think are groundbreaking for the industry.”