Moving a monster

Very heavy duty: Prelude FLNG is equipped with advanced technology for extracting, processing and discharging liquefied natural gas (LNG), but it has no engine, which is why the facility had to be towed to its location

Photo: Shell International Ltd

At a length of 488 meters and a width of 74 meters, the Prelude FLNG is the largest floating offshore facility ever built. Last year, tugs towed the behemoth from its construction site in South Korea to its final destination some 475 kilometers north-northwest of the Western Australian town of Broome. A joint venture, led by Shell, plans to commission the facility over the course of 2018, after which it will extract and process liquefied natural gas (LNG; the “F” in the facility’s name stands for “floating”) and discharge it to transport ships on site. “Prelude” is the gas field from which the fuel will be extracted. DB Schenker is one of the service providers for Prelude FLNG, which is built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. DB Schenker was awarded a five-year contract with Shell Australia to provide international freight forwarding and customs clearance services.