“Postcard” from Moscow

Parking lot at Saint Basil’s Cathedral: sometimes city logistics actually take place in the heart of a metropolis

Photo: DB Schenker

With around 2,000 locations based in 130 countries across the globe, DB Schenker is represented in some of the world’s most dazzling metropolitan cities – including New York City and Dubai, Cape Town and Tokyo. All too often, though, the daily routine of transport and warehousing activities takes place on the outskirts of these metropolises, in industrial areas and logistics yards where even New York and Tokyo become indistinguishable from any other mid-sized town. And yet, on occasion, there will be situations when logistics advance right into the heart of major cities. As seen here in the form of a truck that has come to a standstill on Moscow’s Red Square in preparation for a grand sporting event taking place this summer.



Moving a monster

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