Control tulip

Already a landmark today: the control tower at the new Istanbul Airport, designed by the U.S.-based engineering company AECOM and Pininfarina from Italy, a design studio known mostly for its automotive design work. Photo: iStock/Czgur

The new Istanbul Airport scheduled to go into full operation come spring. The operators have ambitious plans with the mega facility located on the Black Sea, even though the final construction phase will not be completed until several years from now. It is to become the world’s largest passenger airport, and also boast a cargo capacity of 5.5 million metric tons per year.


This, too, would give it top rank, measured against today’s numbers. While all this is yet to come, there is one feature of Istanbul Airport that has already become a reality: a control tower of a unique and unmistakable design that has already become a landmark. The award-winning architecture took inspiration from the tulip, which has been a symbol of Istanbul going back centuries.