Facial recognition

Say cheese! Facial recognition systems allow access to warehouses to be controlled efficiently, enhancing the level of security for the goods stored there

Video: DB Schenker

Customers expect their logistics operators to provide maximum security for their freight along the supply chain – and thus also in the warehouse. It is therefore important to ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to the facilities. Facial recognition is one method that can be used to control access – efficiently, and without the need for paperwork. DB Schenker has already installed such a system at their warehouse for their customer Cisco in Houston in the United States.


The facial recognition systems consist of a computer terminal with an integrated camera, and they are positioned in the main lobby, at drivers’ entrances, and also outside restricted areas for high-value goods. A person seeking authorization must initially enroll in the system by means of a brief procedure. From then on, every time they want to sign in, they will be recognized instantly based on their facial features.


In this way, unauthorized persons can be prevented from entering the facility as a whole, or they can be barred from selected, user-defined areas. Facial recognition systems can also be used to limit the number of people allowed to be inside the warehouse at certain times. They can also record time stamps and images, which can later be used as reference material for security audits and general surveillance.