Magic Figure

Online shopping bonanza

... is the number of parcels DB Schenker made ready for dispatch around 11/11, China’s Singles’ Day

Every year on 11/11, China celebrates Singles’ Day – not least with an e-commerce event that has become the biggest in the world within just a few years. Because it is on this day that sellers lure customers with drastically reduced prices. And it also means that Singles’ Day turns into a herculean task for logistics services providers – as well as an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in the e‑commerce business.


This year DB Schenker went into action around Singles’ Day on behalf of three of its customers: an American fashion house, a Swiss premium watch brand, and a well-known Korean retailer. Over the course of just a few days, some 465,000 parcels were readied for dispatch in five warehouses. This required the combined effort of 2,200 employees, six times the usual number.


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On your marks, get set, go! China’s Singles Day on November 11 is becoming increasingly important for DB Schenker. This year the company was engaged with a total of 2,200 employees on behalf of three customers

Photos: DB Schenker