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Climate protection while surfing

Reforestation in Indonesia: projects like this receive the bulk of the advertising revenue generated by Ecosia, which DB Schenker is now using as its default search engine worldwide. Photo: Ecosia

About 62,000 DB Schenker employees around the world are now contributing to climate protection while conducting searches on the Internet – by using the “green” search engine Ecosia. Ecosia’s operators channel 80 percent of their advertising revenue towards non-profit organizations that focus on reforestation programs. As of mid-December, this had already led to more than 77 million trees being planted. An additional benefit is that the search engine’s very own energy footprint is positive: the electricity powering Ecosia comes from renewable energy sources.


“We are aware of the responsibility we hold to set sustainable standards in logistics, and we are constantly trialing innovative solutions in environmental protection,” said Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB Schenker. “The implementation of Ecosia as our default search engine is the latest initiative as we work towards our goal of being the leading green logistics provider across the globe.”


“When big companies like DB Schenker or universities and schools switch to Ecosia it has a great impact on our reforestation efforts,” said Christian Kroll, the search engine’s CEO. According to the Berlin-based operators, an average of 45 search queries will generate sufficient funds to plant one tree. If every DB Schenker employee were to conduct just a single web search using Ecosia on each working day, it would be enough to plant 1,300 trees.