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Powered by electricity

Curtains up! DB Schenker is the first enterprise to be provided with Volvo’s first fully electric truck for use in their daily operations. Photo: Volvo

DB Schenker has become the first enterprise to operate Volvo’s new, fully electric truck to run daily deliveries. The vehicle with a gross weight of 16 metric tons also happens to be the first of its kind to come out of their manufacturing plant in Sweden. It is currently being trialed in the greater metropolitan area of Gothenburg, supplying 13 branches of the Coop (Swedish) chain of supermarkets. In the configuration produced for DB Schenker, the Volvo FL Electric has been fitted with a body suitable for transporting refrigerated foodstuffs. It has room for 18 pallets.


“Electric vehicles are an extremely important part of our work to change towards a sustainable future,” said Mats Grundius, CEO of DB Schenker in Sweden. The truck they are using now has a range of about 80 kilometers on a full battery charge. It is usually recharged overnight at the DB Schenker terminal in Gothenburg; if necessary it can also be recharged in the course of the day.


The Volvo FL Electric is part of a pre-series developed in collaboration with selected customers. Series production will commence in the second half of this year, with a limited number of trucks for the European market. “Thanks to our close collaboration with customers and operators, we have in a short time been able to develop electrified transport solutions that meet high requirements in terms of performance, mileage, load handling and vehicle utilization,” said Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.