Magic Figure

... new swap bodies are currently being integrated into DB Schenker’s land transport network in Poland

Swap bodies are true multi-talents. These units, which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle very quickly, allow for a higher payload and thus better fleet utilization than traditional semi-trailers. This results in greater efficiency and profitability – as well as in a reduction in the volume of traffic and in the carbon footprint. Besides, the goods are particularly well protected inside swap bodies.


These arguments in favor were reason enough for the management of DB Schenker in Poland to decide to gradually replace semi-trailers with swap bodies. The ultimate aim is to have 800 of them operating between the freight terminals of the logistics services provider in this major European market. DB Schenker is also investing in terminal tractors to ensure the smooth transfer of swap bodies from one vehicle to another.

Higher profitability, lower carbon footprint: DB Schenker is investing in 800 new swap bodies in Poland. Photo: DB Schenker