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... meters is the distance across which an autonomous forklift recently began moving goods at a DB Schenker logistics center in Germany

Moving empty containers around is one of the routine tasks carried out in many warehouses. At a logistics center operated by DB Schenker near the German city of Munich, the job is now handled using a driver-less forklift. The transport system made by the Austrian manufacturer Agilox and deployed as part of a pilot project comes with intelligent software and can be programmed to drive the required transport route in no time at all. It is capable of picking up and setting down goods with its fork without the need for an employee to intervene.


The distance covered by the autonomous forklift is about 150 meters. Sensors and cameras ensure that the process is carried out smoothly. They enable the transport system to drive around obstacles. “Autonomous forklift trucks promise to bring the innovation, precision and efficiency our customers want,” says Xavier Garijo, Board Member for Contract Logistics at Schenker AG. They also ease the workload of the warehouse staff – a real benefit in light of the shortage of qualified personnel in the logistics sector.


From its warehouse near Munich, DB Schenker delivers supplies to a German car manufacturer. If the pilot project turns out to be a success, the possibility of deploying the autonomous forklift at other locations will be taken into consideration.

No need for human intervention: the autonomous forklift made by Agilox can easily cover considerable distances. DB Schenker has deployed the system at a warehouse near Munich. Photo: DB Schenker

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