what3words – customers now benefit from innovative address system

Three words instead of a street name and a house number: address systems based on geocodes such as that of DB Schenker’s cooperation partner what3words help speed up deliveries

Video: DB Schenker

Conventional addresses made up of a street name and a house number often do not lead to the destination straight away. This can cause delays in the delivery of freight which may lead to serious friction within supply chains. Help is on the way, in the form of the innovative location technology what3words – which DB Schenker just recently integrated into the eSchenker portal, and in doing so is putting this digital solution at the disposal of more than 110,000 customers.


The developers of what3words, the British start-up company of the same name, have divided the world up into a grid of no fewer than 57 trillion squares, each three by three meters in size. Each of these squares has been assigned an address that consists of three words. The address “///always.smiling.seating,” for example, refers to the location in front of DB Schenker’s head office in the German city of Essen.


These very precise location details benefit delivery drivers headed for large sites with multiple access points, such as exhibition centers, factories or big warehouses. Until now this has often created difficulties and lead to delays, as standard navigation systems mark locations such as these simply with a pin dropped in the center of a building or postcode area. DB Schenker’s cooperation with what3words has been possible thanks to a stake in the start-up company that has been held by Deutsche Bahn since 2017.




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