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“Online shopping” at DB Schenker

“Online shopping” at DB Schenker: customers can now book road, air or sea freight consignments with just a few clicks. Photo: Arne Fründt

Thanks to connect 4.0 customers can now book and manage any kind of shipment – on the road, by air or by sea – simply and quickly online. DB Schenker developed this new offering with the aim of combining all of its transportation activities on a single, state-of-the-art platform. Commercial customers can use connect 4.0 in order to obtain quotes and estimated delivery times in real time – and also to carry out the relevant booking entries. The platform also allows its users to track consignments as well as to create and distribute consignment reports.


Rolled out in August last year, connect 4.0 was initially utilized for land transport services in Germany and Spain only. Now, customers can also use the online platform to ship airfreight from all over Germany to top export destinations. Sea freight can be sent on a door-to-door basis to 50 countries, allowing for thousands of different port combinations.


“Our new connect 4.0 platform makes professional logistics easier and more convenient than at any time in the past,” said Jochen Thewes, CEO at Schenker AG. “We have merged our main transportation services on a single platform, which represents a significant step in our ongoing digitalization strategy. For our customers this combines digital ease of use with our global network of logistics professionals.” Markus Sontheimer, CIO and CDO at Schenker AG, said: “We designed the connect 4.0 application from the customer’s point of view. With this platform the ‘online shopping experience’ has now arrived the B2B logistics business.”