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Carrying the baton

Batonbearers and service providers: Dale Paul, Daniel O’Shea and four other DB Schenker employees are taking part in the Queen’s Baton Relay. The team at the new warehouse in Gold Coast manages deliveries of sports items and much more besides

Photos: / DB Schenker

Just like the Olympic torch relay, the Commonwealth Games are traditionally preceded by the Queen’s Baton Relay. DB Schenker is actively involved in the run-up to this year’s Games in the Australian city of Gold Coast – but for once not only in its function as the Official Logistics Provider of the event, which sees athletes from 70 nations in the former territories of the British Empire compete. This time, six employees are taking part in the baton relay, among them Ron Koehler, CEO of Schenker Australia.



The baton contains a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II. She signaled the start of the relay in March 2017 on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. Following its epic journey spanning more than 200,000 kilometers, the baton arrived in Australia on Christmas Eve. Prior to the opening of the Games on April 4, the baton will pass through the hands of around 3,800 batonbearers in Australia. As the last of the six DB Schenker representatives, CEO Ron Koehler will carry the baton in the host city – just two days before the start of the Games.


The key component and main hub of DB Schenker’s activities as Official Logistics Provider of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is a new 20,000 square meter warehouse. The first ocean freight containers bearing materials and equipment from participating teams all over the world arrived there at the end of 2017. In the run-up to the Games, DB Schenker with a dedicated workforce of up to 110 employees will be transporting close to 500,000 sports items and well over 100,000 pieces of furniture and luggage, delivering them just-in-time to the sports venues or the athlete’s village. Gold Coast will host more than 6,600 athletes and team officials during the competition.


Moreover, DB Schenker managed the shipment of numerous power units set to be used during the Games via ocean freight from various ports in Eastern Europe as well as the United Arab Emirates and Southeast Asia. 


Gold Coast 2018 are the fourth Commonwealth Games – following Manchester 2002, Melbourne 2006 and Glasgow 2014 – where DB Schenker will be demonstrating its expertise in supporting major sporting events as the Official Logistics Provider. The company has also provided extensive logistics services at all Olympic Games since Sydney 2000.