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Demanding and intercontinental

By plane from Belgium to Shanghai – and then onward by truck: commissioned by ASML, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment, DB Schenker transported over 35 tons of freight, some of which was highly sensitive. Photos: DB Schenker

In a meticulously planned operation, DB Schenker delivered specialized equipment from the Netherlands to a new semiconductor plant in China. Commissioned by ASML, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its field, the logistics service provider transported more than 35 metric tons of freight by plane and truck to Guangzhou, a metropolis in southern China. The equipment will be installed at the plant of chip-maker CanSemi Technology.


To complete the operation, the team had to overcome a number of challenges. The first of these was that the contour of the cargo meant that a Boeing 747 freighter had to be used as the only option. As this aircraft is not in service on any direct connection from the Netherlands to Guangzhou, the transport run had to proceed from Liege in Belgium to Shanghai – some 1,600 kilometers away from the final destination.


Another challenge was that special precautions had to be taken to protect certain components against vibration and to maintain a temperature-controlled environment during transportation. For this reason, thermo trucks with custom suspension had to be used on the overland route, which took three days in China alone. The specialists from DB Schenker monitored transportation throughout.