In Short

Harvesting the honey

Nature’s own goodness straight from the logistics center: the time had come to harvest honey at the DB Schenker location in Saint-Omer in France. Photo: DB Schenker

Logisticians in protective clothing usually worn by beekeepers? This rare sight was recently witnessed at the DB Schenker location in the town of Saint-Omer in northern France. Because earlier in spring, the logistics service provider had arranged for three beehives to be set up outside the local land transport terminal. And now it was time to harvest the honey.


Habitats for bee colonies have recently been established at three other locations of DB Schenker France as well – hoping they will make a small contribution towards the promotion of species diversity, to which these insects, who act as pollinators for a large number of different plant species, make an indispensable contribution. The beehives also serve as an exercise in team building. At any rate, the logistics team in their beekeepers’ outfits harvested no less than 15 kilograms of honey – and promptly used it to fill a number of jars bearing the DB Schenker logo.