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... square feet of warehouse space is what DB Schenker is making available at the top U.S. airfreight hub

More freight was handled at the major cargo airports around the globe in 2018 than in the previous year. Among the growth drivers were the premium airfreight hubs in the United States. For example, the volume handled in Memphis – number one in the U. S. and number two worldwide behind Hong Kong – rose significantly to almost 4.5 million metric tons. This is what the preliminary figures from the Airports Council International (ACI) show. Anchorage, the number two in the United States, and number five worldwide, recorded a similarly large increase to 2.80 million metric tons. The other U.S. hubs in the global top 20 – Louisville, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago – also recorded some quite significant increases.


DB Schenker operates at all these premium airfreight hubs on behalf of its customers. In Memphis, for example, the company has 14,700 square feet (almost 1,400 square meters) of warehouse space available, and there are also four dangerous goods specialists. Extensive warehouse space is also provided at the other locations – especially in Chicago and Miami, the seat of DB Schenker’s headquarters for The Americas region. The airfreight operations in Anchorage are handled by the logistics service provider’s specialists at the Seattle offices.

U.S. hubs on the up – DB Schenker operates on behalf of its customers at all major cargo airports in the United States. Shown here is Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Photo: iStock / Chilkoot