Futuristic yet real

 More and more traffic: all too often drivers – and this includes delivery drivers – are getting nowhere fast in conurbations around the world

Photo: iStock/JaCZhou

This aerial shot looks like a still from a science-fiction movie. What is does show is a just a normal arterial road in Shanghai, where – one can assume – drivers of transport companies, along with everyone else, are all too often stuck in traffic jams. But increasing traffic volumes in conurbations are not just a Chinese problem, as was shown in a recent analysis by INRIX, a US specialist for connected car services. According to that study, the average commuter in Los Angeles spent 102 hours in traffic jams last year – earning LA the number one ranking out of 1,360 cities. That is why work is being undertaken around the world to find solutions for city logistics that can mitigate such conditions. The “danger” that pictures like this will become a thing of the past at some point is gladly accepted.



Postcard from Moscow

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