No chance for barnacles

Automated helpers: using several of the units shown here, the Hull Treatment Carrier helps ships shine again – and protects them against marine growth in the long term. Photo: FX Prevot

A new paint job for the “London Express”, applied by a super efficient device called Hull Treatment Carrier (HTC)! Not only does this automated helper make the Hapag-Lloyd container ship shine again in record time; it just got through removing all the old paint and leaving the hull’s surface with a more smooth and polished finish than any workers could possibly have achieved.


A key issue here is that on a hull this clean, antifouling coating – also applied by the HTC – will adhere particularly well. This compound prevents barnacles, mussels and algae from attaching to the hull below the waterline. This kind of marine growth increases water resistance considerably, in turn leading to higher fuel consumption. This is precisely what shipping companies want to avoid, not only for cost reasons but also for the environment.

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