Dynamic yet safe

Safety trumps speed – even if this image may give the opposite impression: the handling of forklift trucks – here at DB Schenker’s Land Transport Terminal Neufahrn near Munich – is subject to strict regulations. Photo: Matthias Aletsee

This forklift truck seems to be moving at a blinding speed. And while it is true that at DB Schenker’s logistics facilities, freight is moved around with utmost efficiency, the drivers do not ever exceed the strict speed limits as they zip between the high racks, across cargo handling spaces or on the truck loading docks. Forklift safety is writ large among logisticians!


And this is nothing more than common sense, considering that in warehouses no activity is carried out more frequently than the driving of forklifts and other types of industrial trucks, of which more than 1.3 million units were sold worldwide in 2017 alone. The drivers receive extensive training; you can read here about the innovative methods DB Schenker is starting to employ in this endeavor. And the high-speed effect you are seeing in this photograph is not so much the result of the driver’s exuberance, but of a clever trick on the part of the photographer.

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