Strong grip: at facilities like the DUSS terminal in Hamburg, semi-trailers are raised up to 12 meters into the air. Photo: Christian Schmid

Just lift them up, up to twelve meters in the air. And up to 370,000 times a year. This is how many loading units the DUSS terminal in Hamburg, which is currently being renovated, can handle. The facility located within the catchment area of the city’s port is one of the central hubs for transshipments between road and rail in Europe-wide freight traffic. In addition to containers and swap-bodies, entire semi-trailers are also lifted and moved here. In fact, it is done quite simply using a joystick and – as shown in this picture – a set of clamps or grippers that lift the units off a truck and onto the train, or vice versa.


DB Schenker offers such combined transport services, where the main leg is completed by rail, as part of their multimodal solutions. As well as easing the burden on freeways, this also helps the environment: compared with pure road transportation, intermodal can save up to 80 percent in CO2 emissions.

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