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Joining forces

Reducing pollution: Hapag-Lloyd and DB Schenker work hand-in-hand to combat sulfur oxide emissions in ports – and now a major cosmetics manufacturer has come on board and joined their effort

Photo: Port of Gothenburg

Working together with Hapag-Lloyd, DB Schenker promotes the use of low-sulfur fuel in sea freight. Recently an important customer joined this environmental partnership: the cosmetics manufacturer pays a voluntary surcharge on the containers DB Schenker ships via Hapag-Lloyd on their behalf. The surcharge is used to fund both the use of low-sulfur fuel and the services of an external auditor tasked with monitoring the project and its efficacy. The customer receives a certificate on the fuel change for all its containers.


Sulfur oxide emissions in ports are one of the major environmental and health issues in connection with maritime shipping, especially in Asia and Latin America. Many ports in those regions permit the burning of fuel with a sulfur content of up to 3.5 per cent to run on-board facilities while vessels are in port for loading and discharge operations. “Thanks to our long-lasting partnership with DB Schenker, we can jointly pave the way for better air quality and push sustainability on the oceans,” said Thorsten Haeser, CCO of Hapag-Lloyd.