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More comfort on board

Take a seat! Passengers will appreciate the comfortable seating on short and medium-haul flights with TAP Portugal – thanks to the new Recaro seats, which were transported by DB Schenker


Photos: Recaro Aircraft Seating , TAP Portugal

The airline TAP Portugal has completed a cabin overhaul of 48 aircraft in its Airbus fleet. DB Schenker was responsible for delivering a large part of the new seats to Lisbon, where the refit program was carried out. Between last September and this May, the company shipped seats designed by the German manufacturer Recaro in 60 truck transport operations, including some 40 full truck loads.


The challenge was to time deliveries in such a way that the crews from TAP Maintenance & Engineering could adhere to their strict schedule when installing the new seating in the short and medium-haul A319, A320 and A321 jets. The task was made more difficult by the fact that the starting point for the trucks was the Recaro plant in the Polish town of Świebodzin, located around 3,000 kilometers from the TAP headquarters in Portugal’s capital. By its own account, the country’s national carrier has invested 70 million euros (78.5 million USD) into retrofitting its Airbus fleet, which also includes seven medium-range and long-haul model A330 aircraft.