In Focus

“Technological leap”

Workhorses with “good eyesight”: The new robots being deployed by DB Schenker in Leipzig use stereoscopic cameras to scan their surroundings – and record the prevailing local information with the aid of artificial intelligence. Video: DB Schenker

Autonomous transport robots with AI-powered vision are now being deployed in a logistics center operated by DB Schenker in Leipzig, Germany. Designed and developed by the start-up Gideon Brothers, the robots are equipped with stereoscopic cameras and use artificial intelligence to record and store maps of their surroundings. This enables them to negotiate their way around permanent obstacles as well as employees in motion.


The robots can move loads weighing up to 800 kilograms. Thanks to an instant battery changing system, they only need to stop work briefly before being fully recharged. As part of a pilot project, DB Schenker uses the robots to automate and accelerate routine activities in the mail-order business. The project was extended briefly after being launched – under the responsibility of employees on site, which shows just how flexible the system is in operation.


“In our drive to offer strategic advantages for our clients in the increasingly complex digital environment, DB Schenker continuously explores opportunities to integrate innovations from visionary start-up companies,” said Xavier Garijo, Member of the Board for Contract Logistics at Schenker AG. “Delivering automation possibilities for logistics and warehouse operations is a foundation for building the next generation supply chain.”


Matija Kopić, CEO and co-founder of Gideon Brothers: “Our machines perceive the world just like we do – by processing visual inputs and understanding what surrounds them and how it relates to their tasks. This is a technological leap.”