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Commissioned in record time

Logistics close to the main manufacturing plant: Škoda has been making cars in Mladá Boleslav for over 100 years – DB Schenker now operates a nearby facility servicing the company. Photos: Škoda (homepage), DB Schenker

A new partnership with the car manufacturer Škoda – part of the Volkswagen Group – in the Czech Republic: DB Schenker recently began operating a logistics service center near the city of Mladá Boleslav, where Škoda’s main factory is located. Through this facility, which covers exactly 3,566 square meters, DB Schenker provides the customer with numerous contract logistics services such as warehousing, handling and packing of promotional items ordered by individual Škoda dealers, importers or end customers.


Also noteworthy about this facility is the fact that it took only one month from the time the logistics service center was commissioned until it went into operation. “We are delighted for having been selected by Škoda as their partner to provide best-in-class logistics services in the Czech Republic,” said Jan Stiburek, the Head of Contract Logistics at DB Schenker in the central European country.