February 2019

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A trip into space

Manned flights to Mars? A base on the moon? A new life-support system developed by Airbus, which is now being tested in the International Space Station (ISS), is to pave the way for such bold projects. The system worth many millions of euros was launched into space from Japan. DB Schenker played a key role in the operation to transport the system to the launch site

World class handball player becomes DB Schenker brand ambassador in Romania

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Logistics at the click of a mouse – thanks to connect 4.0

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Jochen Thewes


Out of the box or customized? The CEO talks about how DB Schenker’s customers can have the best of both worlds

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New strategic partnership with Magento benefits online retailers

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Predictive analytics – “Evidence rather than gut feeling” 

Will ocean freight capacities be getting tight? Which customer may be abandoning us soon? These are the kind of questions for which DB Schenker is increasingly finding answers with the help of predictive analytics. Holger Köhler, Director Business Consulting Data Analytics, talks about a method with great potential

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Words that move the industry – this month: JAB Code

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Fascinating images from the world of logistics

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Inaugural passage on the Northern Sea Route – DB Schenker was on board

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Magic Figure


The industry in figures. This time: innovative airfreight transport system made from recycled cardboard

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DB Schenker is expanding: new logistics centers in China, Poland and Romania

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Interview: Branch manager Alfred Endörfer on a megasite that benefits customers at various locations 
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Top Story: serving Sauza Tequila – read our report on how DB Schenker supports a brand that delivers the flavor of Mexico

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Buzzword: learn how access to DB Schenker’s warehouse on behalf of Cisco is being controled by means of facial recognition

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