February 2019

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A trip into space

Manned flights to Mars? A base on the moon? A new life-support system developed by Airbus, which is now being tested in the International Space Station (ISS), is to pave the way for such bold projects. The system worth many millions of euros was launched into space from Japan. DB Schenker played a key role in the operation to transport the system to the launch site

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Jochen Thewes

Out of the box or customized? The CEO on how DB Schenker’s customers can have the best of both worlds

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In Focus

Logistics at the click of a mouse – thanks to connect 4.0

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Predictive analytics: Holger Köhler, Director Business Consulting Data Analytics, on an up and coming method

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Fascinating images from the world of logistics

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Magic Figure

The industry in figures. This month: innovative airfreight transport system

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Words that move the industry. This time: JAB Code

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